The Future – Predictions of a Better World

The future, if trends continue, should be even more beautiful & amazing, interrupted only by the occasional naysayer and fear-monger with enough power to slow progress… Basically we will see more of the same trends prevalent in history as life has generally, continually evolved positively for our race.  Technology will afford and empower people to solve the majority of their immediate problems: disease, resource over-utilization, weather catastrophes, poorly run government, poor distribution of food, lack of freedom, conflicts of interest, under-education and much, much more.  Here are a few predictions for the future of our planet:

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Designer Drugs – A Prediction for the Future & A Method to Limit Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse is common, what is a good solution to prevent it?  Here’s my prediction.

There is a common prescription drug used to help opiate addicts called Suboxone, which surprisingly can make people throw up, especially if they take too much.  There is another drug similar in appearance and effect to Coke, I can’t remember the name, but if you do too much of it, it also makes you feel like crap.  So in my estimation, prescribing specific doses of drugs and including some type of additive that can cause adverse reactions if more of the prescription is taken will be the method of the future to limit abuse of prescriptions.


The Beauty of Reality

Life serves us all real…

We all get sick, we all die.
In between we see a high.
We all fall so we all cry.
We all try, and we all lie.
We all ask why, and
in the end we all sigh.

With so much love and so much pain,
Sometimes we want to forget it.
But when we discover beauty,
That is when we finally get it.


How to Be Awesome…

A Methodology for Evading the Consequences of Negative Thinking

We are very accustomed to heeding warnings (other people’s and our own internal) because of the trial and error nature of life; often we assume warnings are correct & logical in an effort to assimilate experiential knowledge, which can help us prevent experiencing pain, failure, judgment or other negative outcome in similar situations.

We need to be cognizant of these tendencies moving forward, in order that we don’t overly focus on our fears and instead take control of what we can to shape reality positively.

I think this will be a big part of the human evolution – the casting off of illogical fears, superstition, unnecessary caution and fear-based thinking in general.

One tool we have to help us is The Logic of Scientific Discovery, which can help us form test postulates for our own lives – then when we prove our fears wrong we can continue to be awesome!

– Charles Montgomery


The Conservative Guise – The Reason I Must Pick Sides This Time

Some negatively-biased people think the country is full of lazy, inactive citizens.  I think people act for themselves when there is an efficient gain to be realized, which is a smart choice – and then also when they’ve been screwed over enough times – hence the occupy movement. With this election, it is clear we may be trying to prevent the worst screwing of the public in organized civilization’s history as the 1% attempt to pull the plug on some of the best modern societal inventions, and this during a time of unparalleled opportunity.  The world is improving very quickly: an internet-based education is free and you can learn anything as fast as you can type the question.  Stem cells can completely heal third degree burns, all while we are about to begin diagnosing disease on a genetic level and fighting it with custom DNA.  Computers will outsmart us in our lifetimes and this will add to the human pool of knowledge exponentially, but treading conservatively is what will prevent catastrophic meltdowns.

I am very positive about conservative people in general… but the 1% are masquerading as conservatives and controlling the conversation through fear and disinformation.

I don’t want this article to be offensive because I am very positive about conservative people & behavior.  To me being conservative means making the smart choice, and politically conservatives want to protect us from big government and big taxes.  BUT in this era the 1% are masquerading as conservatives and controlling the ‘conservative’ conversation through fear and disinformation. continue reading »


The Rules for Being Human – MUST READ

Wow, these are fantastic.  I bought two books from the author, one of them these quotes came from, “If Life is a Game, These are the Rules”  by Cherie Carter-Scott

I found them first on Facebook in a shared image (see below), and then here.

The Rules for being Human

When you were born, you didn’t come with an owner’s manual; these guidelines make life work better.

1. You will receive a body. You may like it or hate it, but it’s the only thing you are sure to keep for the rest of your life.

2. You will learn lessons. You are enrolled in a full-time informal school called “Life on Planet Earth”. Every person or incident is the Universal Teacher.

3. There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of experimentation. “Failures” are as much a part of the process as “success.”

4. A lesson is repeated until learned. It is presented to you in various forms until you learn it — then you can go on to the next lesson.

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The New Religion – Spiritual Laws Incarnate

The new religion is an analysis of the incarnated spiritual laws of Earth.
The universe breathes in harmony, destruction is rebirth.
The truth is available for pursuit, although its acquisition is not guaranteed.
Beauty, knowledge and peace are God incarnate.
Mankind is separated from God by fear, of which we are not in control.
As we are made in God’s likeness, so are we given control.
We can’t control the relatives.
We must recognize restriction as opportunity.
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The Candy Store

We are all kids in a candy store.

When we first walk in, everything is amazing.

Upon first taste almost everything is delicious.

Once we develop favorites, we will tend to stick to those.

But the more of our favorites we consume, the less we like them.

And the more candy we eat, the sicker we feel.

In turn the more candy we eat, the less we want.

The less we want to eat candy, the less we even want to be in the candy store.

Yet the more we abstain, the more delicious our options become.

The more selective we are, the more we enjoy the moment of consumption.

While at first glance it appears the gift of the candy store is the ability to consume its contents, we learn instead that the gift is actually to enjoy the walk through the store, to enjoy the desire to consume, and then the pleasure that comes from consumption of our favorites in ever smaller portions, with ever more gratitude.

To master desire is to allow oneself to enjoy a longer, more delicious journey.

by Charles Montgomery


Beautiful Human Intention Wrapped in Gritty Reality

This story is a gritty example of human beauty and positive intention completely enveloped and buried in raw reality.

The truth is so deep, 87 comments nearly missed the real meaning…

Take time to read the story, read the comments, read #88 and comment briefly here or there…

Thank you Evan Michael Flory-Barnes & Nathan Quiroga!

Let us continue to find ways to counter violence with peace – aggressively.


Thought Leadership & What It Means to Our Country, Our Kids, and Our Culture

There is a new trend rising in the social evolution of the world’s population.  It is a growing, young star in the minds of us all, a beacon of hope, a recollection of lost faith now returning.  This is power of the universe, of the infinite, of how the sign of infinite folds back on itself in a never ending compendium of inter-connectedness.  It is the movement of the stars and changing of the astrological age from Pisces to Aquarius, and it is the dawn of a new consciousness.  It is a new way to tell the same story and to re-imagine it into a new work of art.  It is the age of thought leadership.

…from this mental training, we can have new event horizons, new moments where we can make choices differently and derive a better outcome and meaning.

It is clear in the mental growth of children to teenagers and then to adults, that initially our brains do all the thinking, and basically run the show.  Where is the mind?  The mind then is our ability to process rationalizations, problems and decisions.  Once we have made a decision in our mind, our brain then automatically goes to work implementing it.  So when we are in control of our consciousness, our minds can dictate what our brains think, and at least in which direction do they run and/or the principles on which they run.

Thought leadership is the cognitive ability to choose to think differently, most often counter intuitively.  Religiously conscious people (and some constructive drug users) can choose to see life from a third perspective continue reading »