How to Be Awesome…

A Methodology for Evading the Consequences of Negative Thinking

We are very accustomed to heeding warnings (other people’s and our own internal) because of the trial and error nature of life; often we assume warnings are correct & logical in an effort to assimilate experiential knowledge, which can help us prevent experiencing pain, failure, judgment or other negative outcome in similar situations.

We need to be cognizant of these tendencies moving forward, in order that we don’t overly focus on our fears and instead take control of what we can to shape reality positively.

I think this will be a big part of the human evolution – the casting off of illogical fears, superstition, unnecessary caution and fear-based thinking in general.

One tool we have to help us is The Logic of Scientific Discovery, which can help us form test postulates for our own lives Рthen when we prove our fears wrong we can continue to be awesome!

– Charles Montgomery