Addictive Thinking – Rinse & Repeat or Innovate!

Crazy enough, we can uselessly repeat negative thought patterns – I’ll call it addictive thinking.

I had a revelation this morning; thought patterns can be as habit forming as any addiction. Repeating the mantras you were taught as a kid including racism, blame and judgment can all be forms of addictive thinking – as can self loathing. The most surprise addictive thinking patterns might be along the lines of ‘poor me’ and ‘poor others’ – both of which distract from the true power of the individual to make positive change in lives right now.

I noticed I often have the same argument with the same people, and we tend to use the same words to describe the same belief or thought and really get nowhere.  I looked a little deeper into that and the things we repeat are usually very unoriginal thoughts also, biases and judgments that when reanalyzed can reveal a more beautiful truth.  The thought process needs to be way out of the box though, looked at from a nearly ethereal perspective where it can be seen in different dimensions.

“A disciplined mindset means not allowing feelings to make the decisions – rather relying on established successful processes, moral strength, logic, wisdom & intuition for decision making.”

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What if the Human Core has Infinite Potential?

As a Gemini I constantly see two sides to every story.  As a child I believed God created everything and of course that only Christians went to heaven; as I grew this single concept challenged my faith until I had to quit reading the Bible.  Every time I picked it up I saw negative judgments, war and horrors justified as God’s will, women subjected to inferiority and this possibility of hell for millions of people who were born outside the jurisdiction of Christianity.  Eventually I resolved that dilemma by logically deducing that if God had created the world, it must be perfect. This is certainly a simpler philosophy but not without its challenges.

If God created the world, it’s perfect simply because God doesn’t make mistakes.  Now there is still this assertion of God’s existence, and as far as my own religious debunking goes I can’t rid of him.  However, I see no necessity in defining him as even a being or a consciousness – only God knows what God is and any label seeks to limit.  My logic is just that this world is so complicated and interconnected and infinitely large and infinitely small, that I don’t see how it could have just come into existence without an author of some sort.  Additionally it seems that there is a beginning and an end in our timed existence and I must assume something exists outside of time, before, during & after, and that is what I would call God.  The infinite, the eternal, etc…

The TED Talk “Looking Past Limits” by Caroline Casey Captures this post’s intent extremely well.

There is always the discussion of being made in the image of God and this has always resonated with me.  I feel like we are given power and that power takes many forms – the question always remains what will we do with it? Amazing athletes, musicians, and stellar performers of all types reveal to me an intensity that is hard to match – and in those performances I see God.  In this, I have also defined God as beauty; this definition reveals itself during sunrise or sunset at the beach with a loved one as well.  God reveals meaning and hope and love in beauty – these are our reasons to live.

I can see how everyone has a different purpose and role in life, obviously we can’t all do the same thing and have a functioning society. What makes one person happy will not necessarily make someone else happy either, so then we are on a very unique and never ending mission – and of course some people’s only mission is to relax as much as possible.

As a Gemini I actually argue with myself constantly – and I never win. I have a sentence written below and it is assertive – but now I am already challenging it because I have no proof, and there is evidence to the contrary.  Logically if we are made by God, then we too should be perfect.  I think in a relative universe, however, that perfection is interpreted into time & space with its inherent limitations.  So as we exist ethereally we have perfect potential; as we become real our path becomes guided by physical constraints.  Disease, our parents, our location, and our choices all guide our eventual destiny.

So now going back to the assertion that the world is perfect because God made it, clearly now we can see also how within its physical incarnations that perfection is unsustainable and physicists would point to chaos theory as proof that this is simply not true.

In my mind, in my happy, healthy existence – I see the possibility of perfection.  I see the possibility of me wielding the power of God to incarnate beauty in other people’s lives to a potential that I have not yet even come close to realizing.  This is actually my mission.  To further define it, my goal is to be known as the most innovative philanthropist ever.  My first job is to make lots of money.  For that I have created a living incarnation of my technical knowledge and its application to business through Northwest eSource.  Now I seek to grow and automate it so that it can become more than me and rather the sum of its machinations.

For those living now, healthy, happy lives.  Let’s just remember it could all end in the blink of an eye and be happy for what we are, have and live fully.

If God created us, we have a near infinite potential – the question is can we incarnate beauty now?

My biggest hope that my biggest dreams of reality are possibly true and not just a religious prayer that there is meaning in the universe, lies in quantum physics and in the compounding of new information and knowledge gained by the human race that will further empower us.  I hope we can prove someday that anything is possible.