The Candy Store

We are all kids in a candy store.

When we first walk in, everything is amazing.

Upon first taste almost everything is delicious.

Once we develop favorites, we will tend to stick to those.

But the more of our favorites we consume, the less we like them.

And the more candy we eat, the sicker we feel.

In turn the more candy we eat, the less we want.

The less we want to eat candy, the less we even want to be in the candy store.

Yet the more we abstain, the more delicious our options become.

The more selective we are, the more we enjoy the moment of consumption.

While at first glance it appears the gift of the candy store is the ability to consume its contents, we learn instead that the gift is actually to enjoy the walk through the store, to enjoy the desire to consume, and then the pleasure that comes from consumption of our favorites in ever smaller portions, with ever more gratitude.

To master desire is to allow oneself to enjoy a longer, more delicious journey.

by Charles Montgomery