The Future – Predictions of a Better World

The future, if trends continue, should be even more beautiful & amazing, interrupted only by the occasional naysayer and fear-monger with enough power to slow progress… Basically we will see more of the same trends prevalent in history as life has generally, continually evolved positively for our race.  Technology will afford and empower people to solve the majority of their immediate problems: disease, resource over-utilization, weather catastrophes, poorly run government, poor distribution of food, lack of freedom, conflicts of interest, under-education and much, much more.  Here are a few predictions for the future of our planet:

Prediction 1: Government Transparency Will Change Everything

This is, unfortunately, 20-30 years off – and its delay is the single biggest roadblock to revolutionary growth.  Technology records events, conversations and truth itself in o’s and 1’s.  Video recordings & digital communications will allow phenomenally more examination of public officials’ actions & intentions, which will result in a tremendous increase in public accountability.  With this increased accountability will come a sharp drop in selfish and corrupt decisions.  With improved government transparency we will see revolutionary improvement in the service governments provide to their people, both from better individual decision making and significant improvements in policy driven processes across all agencies and government bodies.  One of the greatest benefits I expect to see, eventually, will be outstanding and measurable reductions in government sponsored violence as the drive to protect the rights of all global citizens becomes one of the highest priorities from truly transparent government.

Prediction 2: Energy Will be Virtually Free

Our planet is covered in sunlight; solar technology and application will improve and expand to the point that our available energy will significantly exceed demand.  As a result fossil fuel usage will decrease substantially, finally reducing our insane CO2 ouput as well.

global solar PV capacity growth Cost of Solar Panels 10 Charts Tell You Everything

Prediction 3: Water Will be Virtually Free

Our ocean is covered in oceanic water, we need only remove the salt in order to benefit from this vast resource.  Desalination has already improved tremendously, an unlimited energy supply will remove the biggest cost in its implementation.  Expect to see the threat and consequences of droughts eradicated for the human race.

Prediction 4: Deserts Will Be Terraformed

With unlimited energy and water available, deserts may prove to be the cheapest land available for large-scale development.  Importing massive amounts of seawater to deserts could potentially counteract the rise in sea level from global warming, which is predicted to be outrageously destructive to existing coastal cities in which 60% of humans reside.  Bringing water to the desert, where solar energy is most plentiful, will make construction of entirely brand new cities likely, similar to Egypt’s new capital currently slated for construction.

Prediction 5: Self Medicating (Getting High) Will be Legal

It is somewhat preposterous to envision a future in which governments continue to prevent their citizens from using their drugs of choice continue to exist, given that choices of consumption are clearly an individual and extremely personal right.

Prediction 6: Prostitution Will be Legal & Regulated

Similar to Prediction 4, the decision to engage in sexual activities in exchange for financial compensation is clearly the right of the participants to decide for themselves.  As it is continually proven to be a viable economic industry, possibly the oldest in human history, governments are being forced to address the fact that by keeping prostitution criminalized, they are neglecting to regulate it and thereby protect its workers.  Refusing to protect this entire industry fosters worker abuse as they are unable to report crimes against them without facing legal repercussions.  People will be “granted” the right to sell sexual services, eventually, everywhere, and sex workers will then see improved protections from actual criminal behavior.

Prediction 7: Voting Will Increase & Its Influence Will Improve As It Moves to Computers

If you search Google for Voting on Computers you will see at least one article expressing surprise that we aren’t already doing it, but it comes down to security and privacy as the biggest concerns.  Once those are overcome and voting online becomes commonplace, we should see a trend towards more voting.  Currently most voting takes place infrequently, and often only at the final step before a piece of legislation is enacted or rejected. The implications of this type of vote is often far reaching and tends to cause dramatic swings in the policies enacted for various issues.  Laws and regulations are often crafted behind closed doors, with caveats and components that the majority may or may not be interested in but that can get piggybacked in, particularly in the United States Congress.  Inevitable and significant improvements to the voting process will take place once voting becomes easier and less time consuming by using a computer, voting across the board will take place more often, earlier in policy creation and for more specific components – the end result will be legislation and policy creation that is much closer to to the public majority’s actual desire, and with significantly less legislative provisional byproduct.

Prediction 8: Global Crime Will Continue To Decline

Most people don’t realize it, but global crime has been on the decline for centuries.  Technology will continue to make getting away with crimes much more difficult.  Improvements in technology & humanity’s social conditions will continue the trend of improving the lives of Earth’s population, which will in turn reduce the amount of trauma people experience in their lives and allow us to continue to flourish as a species.  Scarcity of resources, food, employment and health care plague third world countries, but globalization and technology bring a better standard of living to everyone.  This process will accelerate as energy and water resources continue to expand globally.  The continuous rate of human information expansion improves literacy as well as overall psychological and societal health.  Improvements to and expansion of government, education and technology systems will bring broader access to knowledge.  The result will continue to be a more educated and stable global population, less intent on criminal behavior which is often driven by a base fear for survival or a result of being raised in substandard living conditions.



Our ability to communicate with others across the world, in any language, is and has been a tremendous catalyst in the unity of our people.  The last few genocides and “crazies” aside, the majority of the population has no desire for other people on our planet to suffer.  Improvements in technology, government, manufacturing, societal structure, and our understanding of ourselves as people will continue to allow us to be more productive and less likely to behave in our instinctual and often destructive ways.  We are in a renaissance and many people don’t even realize it – but it is (still) time to own this fact, to know ourselves, and to choose to unite as beautiful, human animals.  Our potential is unlimited, and the future is bright.