The New Religion – Spiritual Laws Incarnate

The new religion is an analysis of the incarnated spiritual laws of Earth.
The universe breathes in harmony, destruction is rebirth.
The truth is available for pursuit, although its acquisition is not guaranteed.
Beauty, knowledge and peace are God incarnate.
Mankind is separated from God by fear, of which we are not in control.
As we are made in God’s likeness, so are we given control.
We can’t control the relatives.
We must recognize restriction as opportunity.
If all opportunities were alike, life would be mundane.
The ability to choose incorrectly is a divine right.
Being correct comes from trusting knowledge, intuition and previous experience.
Being correct is often a product of being wrong.
Nothing exists without changing over time, therefore anything is possible in the future.
The present is as we observe, future decisions are optional.
Happiness is a result of smart decisions, positive thinking and self-maintenance.
Universal favor provides luck and success.
Destructive behavior removes us from universal favor.
Universal favor is reserved for those who benefit others.
We benefit from other’s negative behavior.
Negative behavior is natural, positive energy is supernatural.
We have a choice to be divinely inspired.
We have a choice to connect with God and the power of creation.
We have the choice to be powerful – or we can remain in fear.