Thought Leadership & What It Means to Our Country, Our Kids, and Our Culture

There is a new trend rising in the social evolution of the world’s population.  It is a growing, young star in the minds of us all, a beacon of hope, a recollection of lost faith now returning.  This is power of the universe, of the infinite, of how the sign of infinite folds back on itself in a never ending compendium of inter-connectedness.  It is the movement of the stars and changing of the astrological age from Pisces to Aquarius, and it is the dawn of a new consciousness.  It is a new way to tell the same story and to re-imagine it into a new work of art.  It is the age of thought leadership.

…from this mental training, we can have new event horizons, new moments where we can make choices differently and derive a better outcome and meaning.

It is clear in the mental growth of children to teenagers and then to adults, that initially our brains do all the thinking, and basically run the show.  Where is the mind?  The mind then is our ability to process rationalizations, problems and decisions.  Once we have made a decision in our mind, our brain then automatically goes to work implementing it.  So when we are in control of our consciousness, our minds can dictate what our brains think, and at least in which direction do they run and/or the principles on which they run.

Thought leadership is the cognitive ability to choose to think differently, most often counter intuitively.  Religiously conscious people (and some constructive drug users) can choose to see life from a third perspective, outside of their own mind, until they are able to think with a higher logic and set of decision making tools.

Peaceful, Revolutionary Thought Leaders

Consider that the individuals that affected the most change in our universe all did so through unique and visionary, counter-intuitive thought leadership.  Jesus taught that us that the only way to true inner peace is through forgiveness and removal of the wall of pain that is caused not only by the harshness and inequities of this world, but also by the spin-cycle nature of our carnal and often negative brain.  Gandhi taught us to fight and change our universe without picking up a fork as protest through starvation, or without picking up a tool as protest through mass disobedience.

I learned, again, a bit more thought leadership last night as Dionne let Lidia win (and I didn’t) at a huge four player Pac-Man game.  He chose to lose, so that another may win – humbling evidence of solid thought leadership.  Yet I ran blindly forward beating Lidia multiple times and internally claiming to be the best until I woke this morning realizing I had not been on the highest conscious plane in that group.

One of the main areas in America that more thought leadership has got to take place soon is in our public education system.

Thought leadership is counter-intuitive thinking.  It is helping our minds build a new bridge across a gap, spanning an event in time that can be determined, but that may not have previously recognized as controllable.  Our first reactions are often uncontrollable, but we can learn to master them in time.  Now in our lives, from this mental training, we can have new event horizons, new moments where we can make choices differently and derive a better outcome and meaning.  We have this ability either because we were shown the way, or because we discovered the way, but both came through the channel of evolved thought leadership.

Thought Leadership in Public Schools

One of the main areas in America that more thought leadership has got to take place soon is in our public education system.  It is so rigid, stifling and undemocratic that the kids are not taught to think outside the box – at least that is my bias.  Even now as I rethink that though, I think if the many thousands of teachers and faculty members across the country that must be putting in tremendous effort to engineer new programs, and running old ones that do so well, like student government.

The key is to beat the human mind at its own games…rather than submitting to its will.

The key is to make sure we have classes that teach children to think constructively, and more importantly to beat the human mind at its own games – rather than submitting to its will.  Then in so many social situations like peer pressure, bullying, and career path decision making, this thought leadership can manifest itself into a better, happier place for children to grow and learn – where they are taught not only facts, but skills to learn better and to get smarter, faster.

In this next era, as we challenge our children to think outside the box and are actually able to teach them how to do it, if we can also instill in them the will to constantly improve themselves and the world around them – then there is no limit to the beauty, tranquility and harmony that can exist within the human race.  And perhaps the ending of the story can be re-imagined.

The Revelations Revision

Here is our creed then, as men with the power of God in our hands.  It if it is to be so, than it is to be us. This is the cognitive recognition of our purpose on Earth, to be an evolved species so that we may continue to enjoy this Garden of Eden.

If God has instilled in us the ability to create, in His image, then let us re-imagine the future and in His Name, with His Power, change it.  No longer will the oceans end up run red with blood, or storms of locusts ravage beyond repair.  Instead, humans will find new ways to unite and join hands to conquer the problems that they are facing – socially, economically and ecologically.  No longer will greed be the primary driving force.  The future will be ours once again, when we have found a new balance and harmony that will be brought forth in this new era through thought leadership.

Look today for new ways to think in your own life that will bring about positive change in the way you do things and in the lives of others.  Find and apply, thought leadership.


About The Author – Why I think This Topic Was Even More Relevant To Me Now

Web designers constantly evaluate others’ creations using them as a baseline and also think from the minds of users, interpolating what they experience on a website.  This third person thinking and what is learned from it, allows them to change their thinking during the design phase of the next projects – that will then make a design feature a standard practice.  My feeling is that in the same sense we can use third party empathy to create best practice human interaction guidelines, and benchmarks for the resulting social and moral behaviors.  Internal thought leadership can be the creation of a hypothesis within parameters, execution within limited testing, and then conscious application of what is learned to the mind’s social and moral guidelines.  The results of internal thought leadership can also be combined with analysis of external situations, and the result is the acceleration of our ability to affect and improve our thinking.